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I recall a story told to me by a friend about what was once a simple act of a gentleman…" Read more »

Eric, the exact same thing happened to me on my first date with my now ex-wife! I continue to teach my kids how to be courteous both in offering and receiving, hoping to reclaim a bit of the gentle…


Well said. Being a gentlemen and consideration of others is just right and makes my everyday better. Instead of participating in every movement or protest, as someone once said the only way you can really have an effect on others is by being an example yourself in all that you do. The rest will come naturally.

Daniel L Kinder

I agree with this assessment completely. Also it would be well if women were more of a lady in manner and speech. Regrettably in Western culture today women allegedly find that demeaning because women today want to present themselves as being strong. I disagree. My 95 year old mother is a lady but she is strong. Melania Trump is a lady but strong. Queen Elizabeth II is a lady but strong as was Lady Margaret Thatcher.

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