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Howard Davidson

We live in an era of self-censorship. When we were younger we were told, about dinner conversations, not to discuss politics, sex or religion. In other words anything that was important or interesting. But the need to be extremely cautious in what we say and who we say it to is growing. It’s almost as if we can’t talk about anything but the weather. Recently I attempted a discussion, with a man whom I considered a friend, about the history and evolution of Western civilization. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the present time. I expressed my views. Based on what I think is a consensus among historians. He said “Oh that’s just because you read those books”. I later learned that he had told someone that I was a “white supremacist”. So maybe he was not a good friend. Or maybe I can’t express my views to anyone.

Howard Davidson


I thoroughly enjoy your posts. I am always pleased whenever I see “Eric’s musings” on my list of incoming emails. I find your comments insightful and well expressed.



George Orwell days around the corner, the world and life are not perfect and enacting government legislation to attempt a version is just stupid.

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