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Norman Reynolds

Beautiful reminders.

Howard Davidson

I often stop to think about what life is like for me, contrasted to what it must have been like for my great-grandparents. They lived on a farm in rural Ontario. Hot and cold running water. You don’t have to boil water every time you want a shower. And we can drink the water which we have, for now, in abundance. Flush toilets and faucets. No going to the outhouse. Electric power. The miracle of light is a wall switch away. Previous generations didn’t have much light; candles, oil lamps, fire. Heat. No matter how cold the weather outside we can always come inside. I could go on. But it is salutary to recall all the blessings of our modern environment, which we too often take for granted.

Peter Saint-Andre

Yes, we have so much to be grateful for – thanks for the thoughtful musing.

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