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  1. You made some really good points. Life is pretty damn good in comparison to what was. Perhaps by feeding the masses the notion that crime and mayhem are at their highest is that it appeases our malcontent, complacency or need to be self-reliant?

    • Thanks for a thoughtful comment. It does indeed feed malcontent while being driven by the need to get views for advertisers. I’m not sure what you mean by it appeasing a need for self-reliance. Can you elaborate?

  2. My apologies Eric, my question is not entirely inline with your post but is somewhat shifted off course in hopes of creating a handle by which to converse. My knowledge of the subject is too faint to make a substantial contribution. Allow me to rephrase the question: Perhaps by feeding the masses the notion that crime and mayhem are at their highest is that it subdues our motivation to be independent; in other words if big brother gives little brother the impression that the playground is a dangerous place to be, will not little brother be more reliant, rather than self-reliant, on big brother for survival?

  3. Ah yes, I see where you are going. Indeed, the effect of the constant barrage of doom and gloom can contribute to an atmosphere of dependence on “someone” to mitigate the apparent threats. And many people believe the entity called “government” is the answer to all the world’s ills.

    But, “government” is really just people with a claim on the legitimate use of power. So it’s a case of people depending on other people.

    As for the media, in the main I don’t think they have any depth of motivation regarding dependence, big and little brother etc. I think they are trying to sell advertising space in order to earn their pay. Maybe I’ve become way to cynical. 🙂

  4. I’m sure there are reporters, individual administrators etc. who are motivated to inform. But the business model is as I described. Media must sell advertising in order to survive. And they are losing viewers etc. every day due to the variety of information sources online. It’s a changing world.

  5. Looks like a good attempt to avoid the issues I’ve talked about since they depend on donations. I imagine there is some money behind this since donations so uncertain. But at least they are circumventing the model I talked about in my post. My only complaint would be any claim they make about being objective. A glance at their content reveals a left-wing bias. That is fine as long they don’t claim to be unbiased.

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